Meet the fam!

Welcome to Kinetic Lifestyle! Here we talk about our travels as a family of 7 living in our 5th wheel camp trailer.

Meet the fam!



I will be the one blogging here the most, although when it comes to all things mechanical, Carl is your man. I am passionate about fitness (especially the aerial arts), writing and traveling. I believe that alongside with being a mother and wife my mission is to empower women and youth through fitness.  It is my belief that there is healing through movement and even more healing when you participate in intentional movement.




Carl, while not much for writing is a great conversationalist. He is extremely mechanically inclined and therefore will be writing our posts on any reviews for things for the trailer and all things mechanical. Carl has a great talent for fixing things, diagnosing what’s wrong and for explaining things in laymans terms. He enjoys hiking, 4 wheeling and just being out in the great outdoors.

Meet the Kids

“C”. C is a very fun and loving young boy. He is very observant of others and their needs, I think this is in part due to the fact that he was born with spina bifida. Despite his struggles he has a great attitude, a contagious laugh and a wonderful sense of humor. C enjoys riding his bike, teasing his sisters and playing the piano.

“K”. K is the older (by 4 minutes) of our twin girls. She is a very creative young soul. Everything she touches seems to sparkle and shine and come to life. You can often find her making new creations and spreading love and kindness along the way. She is very social and loves to make new friends. K enjoys crafts, family time, cuddling and all things girly.

“M”. Meet M. M is our very nurturing but very rough and tumble girl. She loves to get a reaction out of people and is often working to get her daddy to chase her after she teases him. She takes very good care of her baby brother and is often the first to greet him in the morning. M loves to climb, do gymnastics, and make people laugh.

“J”. J is a very busy and strong willed little girl who loves to tell stories. She makes herself known in any emotion she is experiencing. Whether that be anger or total excitement you will soon know how she is feeling and where you stand. She brings joy and light into our lives through her rambunctious and excited attitude. J enjoys being with her older sisters, playing dress up and playing on the ipad.

“F”. F is a very bright eyed little boy who loves to explore and make others laugh. For his young age he has an amazing sense of humor and an awareness of what is going on around him. F loves to follow his siblings everywhere, cuddle with his mom and dad and receive kisses on the forehead.

We all love the outdoors and firmly believe in the healing nature can provide and because of that we will be spending much of the next year in the great outdoors, join us on our kinetic lifestyle! Look for us on social media “kinetic lifestyle”