Carl’s birthday

Summertime is so fun! Not only do I feel like I can slack a little with the kids homeschooling but I also love getting up in the mountains and that’s not so enjoyable in Utah during the winter unless you like skiing or oh my, that word just left my mind,it’s like jet skiing in snow, why can I not think of that word?! Anyway you know what I mean. Neither of those things happen to be a current hobby of ours although we would like to try one day. So currently summertime is our mountain time! 

The day greeted us with these beautiful rainbow colored clouds

A close up 

Carl especially loves the mountains and so for his birthday we’ve gone camping in the past. Not an option this year since we don’t have a tent and we don’t trust our truck to get us up the canyon right now. He also loves 4 wheeling but we got rid of our side side and 4wheeler when we moved into our trailer and he didn’t want to rent. So we did his next favorite thing. We went shooting! 

My sister watched our 1 year old-Keegan and we brought the air soft guns and BB guns for the kids as well as plastic army men! 

Carl James loved this part! 

Truth be told so did the grown men! 

They enjoyed larger targets as well. 

Look at those handsome men! I especially like the one in the middle! 

When Uncle Carson wasn’t shooting with the men he was helping the kids get set up in their own shooting station. 

Like with the targets he brought. 

While he was doing that I was able to take the little ones for a walk.  By this point Keegan had joined us and was getting tired and ready for bed. 

They were not interested in the competition Dad and Joe had going on with shooting army men. 

Them going to see who got whose army men off the cups

Although I found their game and competitive attitudes quite entertaining! 

Carl and Joe

Carl and his brother Carson

My hott husband, just sayin’

We left at like 10 in the morning and didn’t get back until like 10 at night but when we got home Carl was all smiles and that was totally worth the effort! Happy birthday babe! 

P.S. Once again I failed to get a picture of myself in a blog post but just picture a mixture of superwoman and catwoman and you’ll be able to see what I look like holding a gun. Powerful and Sexy! Lol


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