Birthday at BSA ropes course

Another reason I have amazing friends is because for my birthday my friend gave me the gift of time! Her and I have always had an adventurous spirit in our friendship and true to that spirit we went somewhere adventurous! We went to the BSA ropes course! 

She says we look nerdy in this picture. Haha.

Both of us had never been so it was a fun experience. We first went to the course that I thought looked easiest which was a ladder that is like a rope ladder but it’s made of cable so as you climb it the ladder twists and turns a little. It stayed relatively still on me while I climbed it however. I climbed it with relative ease except the higher I got the less sure my footing got. Sadly we didn’t get any pictures of this part. 

Next we decided to climb up to the caterpillar crawl. Its a telephone pole that’s about 30 feet high laid horizontally and you walk across it! The way up is an interesting climb. My harness kept getting stuck on the bolts holding the 4×4’s together and my shoes would just slip off of the part you are supposed to step on to climb. So it was mostly an upper body strength exercise for me at that point. 

The hardest part was climbing up and onto the pole. I was watching other people do this and it was the part I was least excited about. Well, that and then getting to a standing position on the pole! 

I did it though! Now to just stand! Don’t look down!

Yeah! Nailed that too! Now walk forward one foot in front of the other! Keep looking ahead. Keep your eyes on the goal Meg! That was straight ahead! Sounds like a good life lesson eh? “Look ahead! Keep your eye on the goal (which would imply you need a goal)”

If I hold onto the rope I’m safer, right?

So I may have treated that rope like a security blanket!

Look how freaking high I am!! Did i tell you I’m afraid of heights? Yeah, maybe it was implied. 
I made it to the wall!!! 

Now to walk out a few feet, do a 180 and then sit into mid-air! Yeah sure, whatever you say belay man! Actually I was sitting into my harness but it feels like the same thing at first, kinda. 

That’s my “I did it and I didn’t die”face! 

Yep still happy I didn’t die! 

After this we went over to the giant ladder. While we were waiting in line a gentleman asked us if we would like to try out the “trust fall”. The one thing I didn’t think I would do there! Their version of a trust fall is climbing a 20 ft telephone pole, standing on the top then turn 180 degrees and then count to 3 and jump! While harnessed in of course. Still, sounds kind of insane. I usually try to avoid falling, why would I jump? We told him we were thinking about it and he said “While you are thinking about it why don’t we get you hardnessed in?” I said “Oh gee. Thanks!” So we did it! It was just a scary as I sounds! I was terrified. Look and see….

I felt like a total hero when I got down. Then a total wimp when I watched the video. Lol. After that we climbed the giants ladder. 

Yes those are big ladder rungs!

I’m getting there!

Now it’s time to walk the “tightrope”

After all of this fun we worked up quite an appetite! So we headed to lunch at Costa Vida! 

Sweet pork salads! Yum!

I sure love being home and spending time with old and true friends! Thanks everyone for all the quality time and welcoming our family home so well! It’s also nice to be back where a pizza pie cafe is and costs Vida! Those were the first two places we went out to eat when we got home!

Rock on and dare to be bold!

What’s your favorite thing about your home town? 


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