Carl James’ birthday

We spent a good week surprising family and friends that we were home. In that week we celebrated Carl James’ birthday. My little man is 10! It makes me happy and sad at the same time! 

For his birthday he wanted to go to thanksgiving point. We had a great time at the farm petting the animals and the kids enjoyed riding the ponies. 

We went there because it is covered under our ASTC pass but since our drivers licenses state that we are less than 90 miles away they didn’t let us in the other exhibits. So I was sad about that. However I think the ice cream made up for it!

Birthdays are always more fun in Utah for my kids because they not only get presents but they get the gift of time from their grandparents. This year Carl James went out to breakfast with Grandma, had a birthday surprise at Papa and Nana’s work and, went and did laser tag with his 16 year old uncle and still had a birthday party with family at Grandma’s! What a lucky duck! His birthday lasted like 3days!

If you can’t tell birthdays are a big deal in this house! 

Later in the week we decided to go up to Pineview. Which I found kind of ironic because we have only gone to Pineview about 5x, or less, in our 10 years of marriage and for our entire time we were out of state we were surrounded by rivers and lakes and never went to any of those! Regardless, we went and boy is it full! Must be from all the snow Utah got while we were gone! 

I love how in this picture you can see snow on the mountain

I think this picture is a gem!!

Now that we are back in Utah we have had a ton of people to catch up with (and still have more) so we haven’t done any site seeing minus these two things I’m talking about. Hopefully soon I will get to show you the amazing things Utah has to offer. It really is an incredible place! 

What’s your favorite place to go to in Utah? We would love to hear your suggestions!


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