Our trek back home

We had so much fun in Branson and we were in a great RV resort but it just didn’t feel like we were in the place God wanted us to be. So after much prayer and contemplation we felt that it would be best to head home for the summer and do some recuperating! We are in dire need of a vacation from our vacation! Being home will help us feel a little more relaxed and comfortable and give us the added strength and wisdom we need to continue on our journey! Little did we know the trials we would encounter on the way home. We were headed home in the middle of Nebraska, on the freeway, on flat ground, and we were losing speed! Carl was driving the truck pulling the trailer and I was following behind. He had mentioned several times that the truck was lacking power. We stopped and he cleaned out the air filter. It seemed to help but not enough so we decided to stay for the night at this rest stop. As I sat at the rest stop waiting for the kids to get out of the restroom I had this funny thought and feeling come over me. “We are getting so used to being “homeless” that we are comfortable anywhere.” Let me explain. Throughout our journey there have been so many times that we have had either trailer problems or truck problems that forced us to be somewhere we didn’t necessarily want to be.We have learned to adapt to new and challenging circumstances and to be at ease wherever we land. It doesn’t come natural and I don’t love it but it’s getting easier to cope with things being disheveled. Sometimes I wonder if I’m learning anything on this journey and then moments like that will happen.

I’m sitting on the floor of a rest stop building, all of my belongings are being pulled behind a defective truck, we are in the middle of nowhere, in tornado alley during tornado season, and I don’t know if we can get home, yet I’m okay. I have my freak out moments for sure but then I have these moments where everything around me seems to be falling apart and I can say…”Everything will work out. I’m okay.” Now that is a priceless lesson! 

The next morning we get a move on. The truck does okay at first. We drive at about 70mph for a while. Later down the road I’m following behind Carl and I notice we are losing speed but fast and now we are only at 40mph. Carl exits the freeway and we pull into a gas station in very small town called Brule, Nebraska. At this point he’s had enough. Exasperated he says “I don’t know what to do. The truck won’t go. I don’t know where to stay.” I look across the road directly across from us and say to him “Uh…there’s a sign for an RV park pointing that way (to the left of us) and the RV park is right there.” This RV park was owned by the gas station we were parked in! Once again God was looking out for ! Surprised and relieved, he has got his game back on, he says “Okay. I’ll register and then I’ll look for an O’Reilly’s.” Not only was there an O’Reilly’s close by but they actually had the part we need! 

Amazingly the RV park actually let us do the work that we needed to do! 

Carl was amazing and got right to work with a little help from Keegan. I was able to make lunch and the kids were able to play. Since we were the only ones there they kinda ran wild and got their energy out from two long days driving! 

They loved running through the field and playing on the slide and merry go round. It was the perfect stopping place. We were there for 3 hours while Carl fixed the truck and we all ate lunch. 

I told Carl as we were packing up. “You know staying here really didn’t cost us anymore. Cause we could have spent $25 on lunch on the road and we were able to eat at home.” Then later when he went to check  they actually gave us a discount because we were only there for 3 hours so it was actually cheaper than lunch! As we were packing up to go Kylee rolled our spare tire towards the truck. As she did so a frog jumped out of the tire! The kids were all convinced it was one of their pet frogs from Branson, Missouri! If so it was probably happy to be free!

There was lots excitement over this little frog! It was a fresh burst of happy energy to get us back in good spirits and on our way home! On the way home we talked about why  were excited to head home and how we would surprise family and friends. When we saw the “Welcome to Utah” sign both Carl and I breathed a sigh of relief. Finally something familiar! 


2 thoughts on “Our trek back home

  1. freedomridersutah says:

    You all have been through so much, good and bad, and your faith in God and family has kept you safe and led you back home (at least for now). Please call me when you can – I’d love to see all of you! Mary Lou (801) 388-7151


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