Branson Flooding

I was at home one day when Carl called and told me he was coming home from work and he wanted me to load the kids up in the truck. So I did and when he got home we went for a drive. This is what we drove into….flooding! We were in Branson for an intriguing but very sad time. So much flooding!

Water never ceases to amaze me. How it can give life and yet it can also take it away! It can create healing but can also do so much damage! 

At the very back of this picture is a raging river that is normally a low creek but my phone couldn’t zoom in that far.

This was just coming out of the RV park. Later we did some driving to see more of the flooding in the area. 

These are the flood gates to the lake. They kept having to increase the flow coming out of them because the lake kept rising but that meant that more flooding was going to happen for the people below. Like for this RV park that is completely under water. We almost stayed here. So glad we didn’t! 

The entrance area and sign to the RV park

The road going into the RV park

Baby ducks just happily playing

We also drove to see “Branson Landing” the local outdoor mall.

There should be three tiered seating here with a platform stage on the bottom

These poor people are now without a home. The people around them have water literally 2 inches from the bottom of their houses. They are holding their breath I am sure!

You see things like this and you really want to help but it’s hard to know what to do. We went to the shelter but they were taken care of. The people who we knew went to bag sand got turned away cause they had more than enough help. We did get together with some families in our ward and we made care packages for the children who didn’t have homes anymore. I was glad we could do something but it just didn’t feel like enough. I looked for other organized efforts to help but I didn’t find much information. It got me thinking a lot. What do you say to someone who has lost everything? How can you do anything that would make any difference? What would I want someone to do if I was in that situation? P

It was a good opportunity for me to do some introspection and I realized, perhaps I would be timid in an emergency relief situation. I always thought I would be organized and super helpful in a situation like that. I guess I have some work to do if I want to be that kind of resourceful and comfortable person during a crisis. 

I am really sad for the people who are now homeless but I can appreciate what I have learned from that situation albeit an observable distance. One thing I felt strongly while I was mourning for those who lost their homes was that God was with them. He told me over and over again “I am in this.” He was helping and orchestrating clean up and healing for all. I hope they were able to feel His presence in it but I know often the case is we notice His presence afterwards. 

I hope to notice His guiding hand in the present more often. I hope you can too! 

Be safe and just keep moving!! 


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