Branson, Missouri touring 2

I forgot to tell you that the first place we went was a magic show! We weren’t able to get any pictures so I forgot about it. We went to “Hamner’s Unbelievable Variety Show.” The kids were riveted! One of their favorite parts was when one of the macaws flew right over their heads. Kylee actually tried to grab it! Carl’s favorite part was the man who performed on a cyr-wheel. It looked like it took incredible balance! We were all impressed! It was funny when the woman was performing silks and I heard Carl James exclaim “Mom! That looked like the star drop!” I was such a proud mom. It was in fact the star drop! I loved hearing all the oooh’s and aaaah’s of the kids but I mostly loved hearing Carl James. He seemed the most taken by all of the mystery and wonder. Perhaps it’s because I was sitting right next to him that I just noticed him more but while I was sitting there I was suddenly reminded how much he loves magic! He has always been intrigued by it! Throughout the whole show he kept saying “I wonder how they did that.” For the next few days Carl James told us all about the magic show (almost as if we weren’t there) and told us his ideas of how he thought they did things and how confused he was on others. I was so glad we went and now I have a birthday idea for him for his birthday that’s coming up the end of this month! (Why magic stuff of course)

We saved the best place for last. At least that’s how we see it because we love animals! The last place we went was Branson’s Wild World! I will get straight to the pictures because there are a ton! 

If you don’t know I love birds!! I could just talk to them all day while they cock their head to one side and listen! Birds are just funny creatures to me!

Jaidyn with a star fish!

Morgan with a crocodile. I think he is smiling!

Big open pool to sharks! We watched them feed them! Anyone up for a swim?

Baby alligators! So cute! As long as there is glass between us!

This guy was magnificent! I was in awe at his size!

Carl James looking into the shark tank!!

If there is anything I love more than birds it is monkeys! I can always get them to come up to the glass to visit. My dad says it’s because I’m their kind! 😜 He probably means I’m fun, funny, resourceful and agile!!

I was petting this cute bird and they snuck their way in and butted me out! Reminded me to get a picture though!

Look at all those colors!

This picture is just to show you how massive these wolves are!

Carl’s in love!!

Yep he still wants one!

The dingoes wanted to play! For $5 a person you could!

What is it about turtles that are so fun! I mean they just sit there yet we love seeing them!

Meet Finn a two year old joey!

He wanted my bracelet so I had to take it off.

Carl James loved Finn!

Morgan is obsessed with kangaroos so this was cool!

I now know what it feels like to be scratched and bit by a kangaroo.

Carl made friends with Finn the best. He left with scratches, I mean, love marks all over his arm!

The twins each have a stuffed kangaroo they love that they call “Kangy”. So this was right up Kylee’s alley!

Carl wanted to take him home!

I would say the best part about Branson’s Wild World was Finn! It was a little nerve wracking though because he quite strong and really wanted to pull himself up over the fence to play by pulling on your arm and lifting his feet off of the ground. Or he wanted to pull you over. Whichever would work he seemed content with! We stayed on our side the fence though! 

At the end of touring Branson’s Wild World went through this haunted clown house. I’m so glad it wasn’t actually open and it wasn’t dark. I would have freaked . They had all of this stuff that you could  tell was supposed jump out at you! Including a massive spider. Like I I was glad it wasn’t clown season! Haha

We had a fun time going through the big squeeze too! It’s an area that is like a large inflatable tunnel that you walk through but it’s a squeeze to get through! 


4 thoughts on “Branson, Missouri touring 2

  1. freedomridersutah says:

    WOW! You really did your homework to find all of these place for the entire family to experience.
    And I think your Dad is right about you – fun, funny, resourceful and agile!! (Just to name a few)


    • emotionalhealingthroughmovement says:

      Oh you are sweet! I was being a smart alek. My dad is a tease. (Although he would probably agree with you as well) But I also climbed a lot as a kid so my Papa (my dads dad) called me ” monkey face” If you have seen my twins climb then you know what I was like!


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