Another miracle

A few days before it was time to leave Alabama we felt that we should head towards Arkansas. On our way out of Tennessee and only 30 miles into Arkansas we stopped at a rest stop so the kids could go to the restroom. When we pulled into the rest stop the truck area was full so Carl took a tight turn and pulled into the area for cars and took up like ten parking stalls. I was overly anxious about him backing out of that particular spot but he said all would be alright. I got the car, which was parked farther down, while he backed up. By the time I got to the trailer he said “We aren’t going anywhere.” I thought “Oh no! What happened?” He walked to the trailer to show me and it was at that point that I understood. We had a large bulge in one of our trailer tires! 

I joked with Carl “Look! We have tires that tell us when to service them!”

We were lucky that our tires didn’t blow while we were on the freeway. Miracle #1. Then I realized as he was talking that had he not had to pull into this tight turn and then back up we never would have seen the bulge on the inside of the tire. Miracle #2. He was able to change the tire and fill up our spare because just that morning we had bought an air pump that plugs into your cigarette lighter. Miracle #3. Before we got back on the road Carl checked the rest of the tires. We had another one that looked just like the photo above and another one that was starting. 3 bad tires! We realized we we not going anywhere. We found a reasonably priced RV park only 1.2 miles away! Miracle #4. We stayed there a couple of nights until we could get into the shop that was only 8 miles away (Miracle #5) where they not only replaced our tires but upgraded them to better quality and higher rated tires. 

We were back on the road again. The rest of the journey across the state of Arkansas was rather uneventful. Thank goodness!! We got into an RV park and ended up next to a wonderful family who owns a catering business. 

This is their son showing the kids the fort he built. He was so good to our kids. Especially Carl James

Not only did they welcome us with open arms but they invited us over for dinner with left overs from a wedding and then sent us home with a ton of left overs. Which was wonderful because Carl hadn’t had a Job in 6 weeks and that alone fed us lunch and dinner for like 3 or 4 days! The next day we went to church and met a few families that want to live/travel in an RV. We were instant friends! Lol. One  family invited us over for dinner Sunday night along with another family and two men whose wives were out of town (in Utah actually). So in one night we met 4 families which was kinda fun! My favorite thing by far about this trip is seeing how good people are! People and their generosity amaze me! 

We only stayed in Arkansas for about ten days. Something fell through with Carl’s potential job and we couldn’t find anything else so we moved on but before I get to that part of the story I will show you what we saw… 

The first place we went was Crystal Bridges Museum. What a cool looking place!

The kids found a large crawdad! Gross!

Keegan found a lizard. I love the awe and wonder the outdoors brings to children

This is cool! This building has a circular hole in the top of the ceiling and it really does give you a different perspective on the sky by looking at just a tiny portion of it!

This is a picture taken inside the building looking up at the hole in the ceiling. Beautiful!

Keegan did not want to sit by these people

The children’s part of the museum was our favorite part

Keegan loves building with his daddy!



Jaidyn adding her art to the art wall

Jaidyn, Pinocchio and Carl James

Candy art. You can add to the art by throwing your wrapper on top of the pile. It looks pretty shimmery by the end of the day!

This was probably my favorite piece.

The next place we went was to the Discovery Museum. I love the pass we got at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center! It has paid off and we have seen some cool things we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.


I think this part was one of their favorite parts

After painting and making faces from scraps….

They went to make a craft to fly in the tubes! 

I think the building area was their next favorite spot! They would build this wall up and then run through it!

Carl seemed to enjoy it as well!

The last place we went was this incredible park by the lake. It even has a “tree house.” I put that in quotations because that’s what they call it but it is really just tall and among trees it’s not actually built inside of a tree. Still really cool though! 

The kids loved sliding down the banister of the stairs. I don’t know who taught them that! (I plead the fifth). Carl James especially loved it.

Jaidyn looks like she is throwing a fit but she is just being goofy

Tadpoles! The park wasn’t even interesting anymore!

We took a walk around the lake but I forgot to get pictures of it! This black swan was cool though!

On our walk across the lake; we’ll teach you how to walk on water sometime, we found some turtles!! Carl caught the baby one and everyone held it and then we put it back.


I fell in love with Northwest Arkansas and the people there and I really wanted to stay but alas we couldn’t! I text a couple of friends I made there and invited them to come over and see our trailer and say goodbye. One of them was able to come over and we had a great time chatting about a good variety of subject while the kids played. It’s fun to meet people who are like minded yet you can learn a ton from! 

We said goodbye to this sweet family and to our fun and friendly neighbors in the RV park. I was amazed at how sad goodbyes could be even when you just met the people! We were only there ten days and it was actually a hard goodbye! 

Once again we hit the road! We were headed to Branson! I had never heard it before. Have you? 


2 thoughts on “Another miracle

  1. freedomridersutah says:

    Fantastic pictures – everybody looks great! And I think you’re meeting special people on your journey because you ALL ARE SPECIAL…………..
    Stay safe and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!


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