Rock hunting, a bear, and shakes

This week although busy with truck repairs has been mostly a normal week but filled with a few exciting moments. One of which I am really proud to announce but let’s start with the surprise. While Carl took the truck in to get tires put on and to get the truck aligned the kids and I went to the park.Carl dropped us off (to his reluctance) at 1 p.m. and wasn’t able to pick us up until 4:30 p.m. which meant that we had plenty of time to explore! While there the kids of course met some friends and played all sorts of games. The surprise though was these little rocks they found everywhere! 

They found about 9 of them but some other kids were jealous so they gave some away; without even a suggestion from me I must add. They are pretty thoughtful kids! So these rocks all have words on the back. 

When I looked it up I found out that this is an ongoing thing. Apparently you are meant to either re-hide the rock or keep the rock and make your own to hide. When you hide be careful to make sure you are not infringing on private property or placing it in a place where a lawn mower would run over it and possibly fling it. What a fun idea! I guess me and the kids will be painting soon! 

An even more exciting thing is that Carl James has earned his Bear in scouts!!

We landed in a great den that were very dedicated to the scouting program and I really wanted him to earn his bear before we left for Tennessee.

So together we worked really hard to make that happen. I felt like we lived and breathed scouts for that last two months. Luckily for us we have some flexibility in our day and much of his scouting assignments replaced his school assignments and they were an easy switch. For example if he was supposed to write about something for scouts then that replaced his writing assignment. If he was supposed to do a science experiment then that took over his science! Viola! 

He was very dedicated and worked very hard. We are very proud of him! He earned like 5 adventures that night, his whittling chip and his bear! 

Later that week the twins and I got to attend the Women’s General Conference session for the LDS church. They were so excited they were 8 and could finally go! They went in October with me and my sisters but to them it felt like the first time all over again. Its a tradition to go out to eat after but since we were in a different state which meant it started an hour later than we were used to we went out to eat before. 

We went to Steak N’ Shake. I have never heard of it before we went to Alabama but what a good name! Who wouldn’t want to go to a place called “Steak N’ Shake”?

I mean they serve steak and shakes! How could you go wrong? Plus they have these cute little hats and trucks and they have several meals for under $4! Anyway I think they had a great time. They were very darling about the whole thing. Acting so mature and all. It was raining when we left so Carl walked us to the car with an umbrella. The twins first and then me. So naturally when we got back they had to wait in the car for him to open their door! 

While we were eating out an older gentleman who was sitting behind us asked the girls if they were twins. He proceeded to tell them how gorgeous they were and commented to me about having to keep the boys away when they get older. I assured him we were not looking forward to that phase of life. He laughed an all knowing laugh and then told us that his son was expecting twins. I smiled and sincerely told him “It is one of the best things! They are gonna love it! That feeling of holding two babies at once is unexplainable. You are so overwhelmed with joy and excitement you hardly know what to do with yourself.” I then told him a story about when my father first came to meet the twins and I went to get a picture of him with them. He went to do the natural thing and look at the baby in his arms but there were two! He didn’t know which baby to look at! I told him to just look at the camera but that just didn’t seem to be a natural pose. So we took a picture of him looking at one twin. Then a picture of him looking at the other twin. What fun times! 
I love experiences in life that help you feel gratitude and remind you of happy moments. There are special surprises everywhere in life. From hidden rocks, to exciting achievements and how they shape us,  to girl time with your daughters and spectacular surprises like finding out you are having twins! I love the moments we had this week and we didn’t even do any sight seeing! Just basking in the joy of everyday life! 

What little moments have you noticed in your life this week that you are grateful for?

I would love to hear about them in the comments below! 


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