Catching minnows and a walk

The other day I was having a rough day and I decided to get out in nature and go for a walk. I put in my headphones and started listening to Lauren Diagle all the while I was praying. I had a wonderful experience. Maybe if we get to chat one on one one day I’ll tell you about it but i wanted to share one thing with you. I came around a bend in the greenway and decided to walk down to the river through some trees. What I ended up walking to was a section of the river that got cut off so it was more of a small pond. Inside the pond were some minnows! One of my favorite childhood memories was catching minnows. So naturally I took off my shoes and socks and started chasing minnows. It was a futile attempt since I didn’t have a net or cup. Eventually the water was a muddy mess and I got out to finish my walk. Muddy feet and all. 

So naturally when I sensed that the whole family needed a break I surprised them with a day at the park catching minnows. I kept it a secret right up until the point where I had them look into the water to see what they could see. Once the kids saw the minnows and exclaimed “baby fish!” I pulled out the nets and told them we were going to catch them! 

I couldn’t actually find nets at the dollar store so I got these handheld strainers. Talk about cheap entertainment and whole family fun. 

It started out as just chaos but eventually Carl tried to get the kids working in a team and then later worked on developing a system to make the minnows go upstream and get caught in a shallow dead end. 

The kids didn’t understand what he was saying though and his well thought out idea was unsuccessful. I told him to let it go and let them figure it out. I said “part of the fun of catching minnows is how hard it is and part of the experience of catching minnows is actually not catching minnows!” What a hard thing to do as a parent though, huh? Letting your children figure things out for themselves and watching them stumble along the way and then giving direction and it either being misunderstood or falling on deaf ears. But those moments that they get to come back to you and say with pride in their eyes “Mommy  I did it!” Then you can see why it was so important that you took a step back and let them figure it out themselves because they gained confidence in themselves and their ability to solve a difficult problem and come out on top in the end. 

There was lots of excitement and enthusiasm when someone was successful catching a minnow. I believe everyone had a chance to hold one just once. After catching minnows in this area we moved to a less muddy area of the river to go catch minnows but that area is much larger and open so we weren’t successful.

However we had a great time walking in the water and cooling off a little bit. 

Keegan did not want to walk in the water but he loved throwing rocks!

Eventually he started to take one or two steps into the water and then come back to me and point at the water and smile as if to say “Did you see what I just did?!” He was really enjoying the sensation of the cold water on his feet. Each time it seemed to surprise him just as much as if it was the first time. It was a fun cycle to watch. While he was dipping his toes his siblings were dunking their bodies! 

While Keegan was content dipping his toes and throwing his tiny rocks Carl was content staying out of the water and throwing large rocks. To soak the kids of course! They loved every minute of it and they soaked it all up (see what I did right there)! 

If you can’t tell we all had a great time and it was much needed because we have been working on making our own RV skirting, fixing a dozen issues on the truck, and trying to find a place in Tennessee. We needed to just play! 

When was the last time you got out in the great outdoors and played? I’d love to hear about some of your favorite places to visit or your fondest memory. Comment below! 

Until next time. Just keep moving!

P.S. I forgot to say. Morgan came out with a leech on her leg! Gross! 

At first she thought it was a leaf then she realized it was stuck and so she just ripped it off. It was at that point that she showed me. 


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