U.S. Space and Rocket Center

Can I just tell you how proud I am of my little man?! We started a plant based diet January 1st. Ironically not because of a new years resolution or anything just because that’s the morning I woke up and said “Enough is enough! We need to start a plant based diet, today!” We have wanted to do this for years  and have always been on again off again but now we need to do it to balance out his weight. So why am I so proud of him? Because he has been such a trooper! He has had wisdom and discipline beyond his years! He has made the hard choices that us adults often falter in while changing our diets. 
So I told him for every 10 lbs he lost we would go somewhere to celebrate. He lost his first ten pounds so he chose to go to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. So we went! 

This amazing T-Rex is up by the entrance. I was super impressed, well we all were! It is made of k’nex!

The first place we headed was to the climbing wall. If you know my kids at all you know how excited they were for this and even more excited that Carl and I were going to do it with them. 

The gentleman took one look at Carl James and his crutches and politely told him “I don’t think you are gonna be able to do this bud.” We told him that he would be okay and we would help him. He also asked us how much Jaidyn weighed and said that she needed to weigh at lest 50 lbs or she might get stuck at the top and he said “I am not a climbed so I can’t go get her.” We had no idea how much she weighed so he left it up to us whether or not she could climb. We told her that it she got stuck we would go get her. 

It didn’t take long to realize she wasn’t 50b lbs. She got pulled up by the pulley system! She got to the very top and I held my breath. She pushed off the wall and came down like a pro! Phew!

 Since Carl had spent his turn helping Carl James I got to go at the same time as Carl and we kissed at the top! Aww! 

Next we went to see the exhibits and Keegan wanted to play with every remote control vehicle there. He kept trying to climb into the displays. I’ll be honest. We didn’t stay around the exhibits long. Just long enough to play with a remote control camera on top of that tan vehicle in the middle (lol) and see if we could see each others hands but they didn’t let the camera rotate to where you could see outside the display to the people. Boring! 

After we got a picture with this guy we went to head outside but on the way we saw that they were going to do a presentation in like 3 minutes so we headed over there. The kids were bored but I thought it was the most fascinating part of the day. They told is about building the space station, about how fast the space station travels(17,500 mph), about the team of astronauts and the effect being in space has on the human body and more! Afterwards we toured a replica of the space station and saw how the astronauts package their food and how they go to the bathroom in space. 

Their food packaged

The toilet!

The kids thought that was fairly interesting. Mostly because there were gadgets to touch. 

What they really liked though was seeing the scuba divers. They have this tank to help the astronauts train for what they call “weightlessness” apparently they don’t call it “antigravity” since on the space station there is gravity it’s just 1/1,000,000th of the gravity here on earth! Our tour guide told us how funny it is to see people when they have come back from space because they have gotten so used to weightlessness that they drop stuff constantly. She said they are constantly dropping pens. 

After our space station tour we spent way too much time in this photo area. 

Then it was finally time to head outside. I thought there was only 1 ride there apparently there are 3, 4 if you include the simulator ride inside. 

There was pretty much no one in line so they rode this ride over and over. 

The twins were really disappointed they weren’t big enough for this ride Carl James however had no desire to go on it. So I went. By myself. I think the ride grew taller when I got on it cause from looking up at it it didn’t seem that high but looking down it sure seemed high! After I got off I told Carl he just had to go and we were eventually able to talk Carl James into going. 

If you can’t tell by his smile after the ride, he was really happy that he went. After we rode the rides a few times we went to see the main exhibit with the huge rocket!

The place was about to close so we did a quick tour of this area but looking back I think that that was perfect because we were able to spend the most time at what we found the most interesting. Which for the kids was the rides and for Carl and I was the presentation about the space station. Although the ride “G-Force” did elicit many giggles out of me!

We had debated about whether or not we were going to go to the space and rocket center at all. I’m glad Carl James chose that place and that we went. We also now have a pass to over 200 museums nationwide and it cost less than it would have had we just paid admission fees for that day. That’s a win-win!


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