The park of all parks

I found this amazing park y’all! It has a waterfall, a duck pond with a huge swan that lights up at dusk, two bridges, a large playground, watermills, a train ride, a carousel and a roller coaster! Seriously! Oh and a huge army tank. I was so excited to go.

I quickly found out that the carousel, train ride and roller coaster were closed for the season which I had anticipated was likely going to be the case so I didn’t even tell the kids about these things. Just that we were going to a park. They didn’t seem to mind that they couldn’t ride the rides but they did mention it would be fun to come back when they were open if possible. I have such good kids!

There was so much to see we didn’t know where to start so we started with lunch! I know phenomenal idea. I figured the playground would be last otherwise we wouldn’t get the kids to go see everything else. So we went to see the waterfall first. 

Of course the kids had to put their feet in the water. Keegan and I however had a huge misunderstanding. I thought he wanted to put his feet in the water. I was grossly mistaken! Oops! We moved on…

Apparently the Indian woman was cooler than the water. Or was it that the water was cooler than the Indian woman? In all seriousness though, this statue is actually a reminder of the “trail of tears”. I won’t go into it here but you can Google it if you are a history buff! 

After this it was off to the tank again for everyone to climb all over it! 

That is one thing that can definitely withstand my monkey kids! Next we headed to the playground where Carl spun the kids on the tire swing until I was positive one of them was going to puke but they were all giggles! 

He also bucked Jaidyn off of this purple dinosaur! She got a kick out of that! 

When it was time to leave no one wanted to go including me and Carl but it was past dinner time and we still had an hour and a half drive so “go” we went! 

Goodbye until next time!


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