Settling into Alabama

Getting into Alabama felt like a breath of fresh air (we arrived in Alabama on December 11th). We have never been here before but a feeling of coming home washed over us as we crossed the state border. We have thoroughly enjoyed it. The people have been great, the stores are conveniently located and Carl is making more money than he ever has. The kids already had a playdate at a friend’s house and we had dinner at a family’s house. They were very welcoming and informative about the area. I’ve found that those from the south are not short on words or advice. It’s usually great, until you’re having a bad day and feeling anti social. Guess no being a hermit for me! Not that I could if I wanted to. These kids beg to go to every event and make a playdate with each new friend. The twins have gone to activity days and C has gone to scouts. They all seemed to have a good night! 

I hear this is a very strong homeschool community but I have yet to get a contact for that. Now that Carl has settled into work and we have settled at home I think I’ll be ready to more actively pursue a homeschool group. I imagine once we get acquainted with a homeschool group we will know all about the site seeing around here. We have been here a month and have yet to do any site seeing. We did however get our 72 hr kits packed, made a fantastic schedule and started eating a plant based diet. It was very smooth sailing until week 3 (now) the cravings have hit hard!! 

One of our favorites so far. I just put a bunch of veggies and some pineapple and Peanuts in teriyaki sauce

I would say that’s a pretty successful start. For a week Carl was able to do the schedule with me and help with homeschooling. My is it easier to do life and homeschooling with two capable adults!! I definitely miss him. It was fun seeing him interact with the kids more and to see how he teaches them differently. They all bawled when he went back to work. 

He is working swing shift so now we gotta figure out how to tweak this stellar schedule we made together! The good news is he can have time with the kids in the morning which is when they are happiest. Is it just my house or are all kids fussy around dinner time to bedtime? 

We went to goodwill and got Carl a bike so he could ride with the kids while I push Keegan on his tricycle. 

It’s been in the 70’s this week (which the locals say is unusual for January) so it was the perfect time to get a bike and at $35 it’s almost a disposable bike. We don’t have a place to put it so we will donate it when we move. Ironically I think it’s a better bike than the ones we got at Wal-Mart for $200 a few years ago. The kids all love being able to be on their bikes again and Keegan loves that he Can actually ride this amazing contraption! Someone dropped it off at our doorstep Christmas morning while we were at church. 

One of my favorite things about Alabama so far is that we haven’t been in Utah’s weather. Yes, I just went there! For the first couple of weeks it hung anywhere from 20 to 40 degrees but closer to the 40’s. Lately it’s been 55 to 68 degrees and this last week it hit 70 degrees! I’ll take it! I just don’t want to be here in March. That’s when tornado season starts. In fact just the other day we sat down for lunch and we were all about to take our first bite when the tornado siren went off! Quick assessment in my mommy mind…”who’s got shoes, who doesn’t?” Carl stepped outside to view the weather. It was clear skies with zero wind. We figured they were doing a test run and sat back down. When the siren didn’t go off again we figured our assessment was right and we kept on eating. Later we found out that they test it the first Wednesday of every month. 

For the moment we can rest easy and know that we are prepared as we can be if a tornado comes. Having our 72 hr kits done is a huge relief. We hadn’t done ours in years so it was time for an overhaul. “F” is totally unaffected by all of this craziness and is just happy to bee trying on everyone’s shoes. I meant that literally but that’s probably true of children metaphorically as well. He can’t fill them yet but he looks absolutely darling in his Daddy’s shoes!

Well y’all I miss you all! This has been a great month here in Alabama but even still it has left me quite homesick. I love hearing from all of y’all and hearing how you are doing! Just keep moving! 

What’s your favorite unique item that you put in your 72 hr kits? We put a small bear that the kids sewed with their Nana and Aunt in their backpacks. Something they decided they wanted and I realized was quite wise of them! 


2 thoughts on “Settling into Alabama

  1. baxtersbliss says:

    I love that you guys are doing well! Miss all of you! I know we didn’t see each other much but it makes a big difference just knowing your not just a short drive away. I’m so glad you guys are enjoying it. The kids look like they are loving it to ❤love you guys


    • emotionalhealingthroughmovement says:

      It does make a difference doesn’t it? Just knowing you can’t go see someone if you wanted. We miss y’all as well. This whole Alabama- feels-like-home feeling is freaking us out because we want Utah to be home. Where our friends and family are. Maybe it’s just to help us enjoy our time while we are here more, like a it’s-home-for-now type of feeling. I guess time will tell!


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