Louisiana Adventures and Jaidyn’s birthday

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts we were in  Texas planning on staying there for a few months while Carl worked when we felt like we should go to Alabama. After some prayerful thinking we decided to head to Alabama. On our way there we stopped in Louisiana for a week. It was during a time all of the southern states were getting hit with a lot of rain as well as colder than usual temperatures. That was okay with us though because we wanted to have some laid back days. We made sure though to visit what we saw as Louisiana highlights and you can’t go to Louisiana without seeing some crocodiles right?! We looked around for a swamp tour hoping to see them in their natural habitat. We realized we were too far north to travel to the swamp tours we were finding however we did find a swamp tour in a Texas just across the border so we made an appointment. 

We got to ride through a water forest on a pontoon boat with Captian Ron. He warned us several times that if we didn’t like southern humor we were on the wrong boat. He was full of historical information about caddo lake as well as information about the foliage that thrived there as well as the animals. 

For example he told us “The biggest fish they have caught here on the lake was 8 feet long with razor sharp teeth, that thing was a beast. I’ve only seen one thing that was scarier than that and I divorced her.” See the southern humor? 

Truly though he did tell us many interesting facts about the lake. He told us you could tell about how old the tree was by looking at the diameter at the base of the tree. Each foot in diameter equals one century old. So if the tree is 4 feet in diameter then it is 400 years old!!

It was pretty cool to be going through and I would love to see it during the summer months. Captain Ron told us you can usually see to the bottom of the lake but with the recent rain it had muddied the waters. 

On the way into the water forest captain Ron let each of the kids drive the boat. 

Captain “C”

Captain “K”

Captain “M”

Captain “J”

They loved being able to be at the wheel but didn’t seem to understand that he was truly letting them drive. They just held the wheel grinning. One of them actually steered us towards the boat docks. Captain Ron had to take back over. 🙂 It was a really beautiful place in a mystical sort of way but the pictures just do not do it justice.

Before we decided to go on the swamp tour we had asked Jaidyn what she wanted to do for her birthday and she wanted to see the gators at a nearby alligator farm. We knew we would be driving all day on her birthday so we planned to go the day before her birthday. We went on a freezing cold day so the alligators were mostly hiding but we did get some pictures. 

This is my best one

We were feeling pretty bummed that they weren’t out so I went inside and asked when they were going to feed the alligators. I was looking for a time of day. The lady said “May.” The look on my face must have given my thoughts away. She explained that alligators only eat 6 months out of the year and they were currently in digestive hibernation. Bummer for us! Luckily Pablo saved the day! 

“J” and Pablo

I think she was satisfied with how she chose to spend her birthday, don’t you?

“M” and Pablo

“K” and Pablo

“C” and Pablo

Believe it or not this alligator is 2 years old. I really expected at 2 that it would be full grown! 

Megan (me) and Pablo

Carl and Pablo

“K” woke up just in time to meet Pablo before he went back to the water. 

“K” meeting Pablo

I gotta say this picture kinda weirds me out a bit as his mother. He liked it though! 

Just enough to poke his eyeball. Poor Pablo! 

Now each of us can say that we have held an alligator! Pablo was definitely the highlight of our Louisiana trip and although I didn’t see one in the wild as in had hoped this was a pretty cool substitute and less risky!! 

The next day we were headed off to Alabama. Jaidyn got to be in 3 states on her actual birthday!  Once we got settled into Alabama we celebrated her birthday with cake and ice cream! Happy birthday my sunshine!

What fun wacky thing have you gotten off of your bucket listv lately? Or what is one thing on your bucket list that we might want to add to ours? 


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