Laundry for 7 without a washer and dryer

Behind our RV site there is a dirt hill which is where the kids spent most of their time during our week in Spanish Fork. Hence the reason they are covered in dirt in the picture below which meant it was time to do laundry. 

I told Carl about a laundry system I saw someone had and of course he took the idea and then improved upon it because that’s how awesome he is.  We have two 5 gallon buckets we use to wash laundry one is pictured above.  It’s just a bucket. The lid has a hole in the top to be able to put the plunger handle through.  

Our plunger has several tiny holes to help the water move freely and to keep the plunger from sticking to the bottom. 

That’s essentially our washer.  The kids actually loved helping with the laundry washing. When your washer washes it will agitate then soak, agitate then soak, so we try to copy that same idea when we wash.  After that we dump everything into a different bucket which has holes all over the bottom to let the water out.

We then take the 1st bucket which is now empty and put it inside the 2nd bucket and push the 1st bucket down so it squeezes the water out through the holes on the bottom of the 2nd bucket. (That felt way too complicated to say! I now know why YouTube tutorials are so popular!) Afterwards it is time for the clothesline!  Not all RV parks allow a clothesline so make sure to check the rules beforehand.  If anything at least you can save on the washer part in the laundromat! 


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