Day 7, moving day

Well we have officially been out a week!! That feels like quite the milestone after the week we have had.  We were hoping for a breath of fresh air once we had finished selling our home and moving into the trailer,  I guess in the literal sense we got that but it wasn’t quite the break we were hoping for.  There is definitely a learning curve with this lifestyle.  

The next morning we woke up early and started packing up. There was thick frost on our vehicles and our little car did not want to start.  We got packed up and got the trailer moved then we popped the clutch to get the car to start.  Luckily that worked.  We hit the road and ran to the place we bought the trailer from to get the toilet leak fixed as well as the shower door aligned,  it never closed right from the beginning.  They were very accommodating and got us in that day.  They were done by the time we were done with lunch.  

After that we headed to empty the tanks. The part I was least excited about with this lifestyle. It honestly wasn’t bad though. 

Then we headed to look at an offer Carl had for a side job and while he did that the kids and I went to my parents and took advantage of having a washer and dryer available. Our plan was to go to Provo that day to get ready for my brothers wedding, which is in a few days, but all of our errands,  laundry,  etc took too long and we thought it best to search for a campsite in the morning when we were fresh.  The kids were thrilled to be staying at Nana and Papas!! 


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