Day 3, we need out

Rain,  rain and more rain makes for lots and lots of mud and mess. It also meant we couldn’t do any laundry or any outdoor activities. After our first evening of rain,  then an entire day and another half day of rain we needed out! We just barely got into this fulltime trailer living thing, talk about cabin fever!! We decided to take the kids to a fun place.  We found a place in Logan called bounce and slide and headed that way. It’s a fun place with inflatable slides and an area for just 3 and under which “F” loved.  Look at that smile!!

It was a much needed break after all that rain and being couped up. (Especially since we went back to the campsite and it was still raining. ) We got chinese food afterwards and headed home to get a good nights rest with full tummies. Or so we thought,  it stormed all night again. More on that tomorrow!!

All of us (except Carl who is taking the picture) sitting at our tiny table.


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