Day 1, launch day


We woke up early that day and started the day with our morning sway. Then I started to clean the house doing the finishing touches that I couldn’t do with tiny hands and feet running everywhere. Carl went outside to finish packing the outside of the trailer and to attach the PVC pipe underneath the trailer that holds our outdoor carpet. The kids went to our neighbor’s who kindly offered to babysit and Carl and I ran our truck to my sister’s house. Her and her husband said they could sell our truck, the kind souls.

After that it was signing time!! The day we had been waiting for was finally here! ! That went smoothly we ran some errands then ran home to finish getting the trailer ready to drive off. After that we picked up the kids and took some pictures. We headed to my mom’s to pay some bills online and do one last load of laundry.  By two o clock we hit the road and headed up.  The drive was absolutely beautiful with all of the fall colors but we were both driving so neither of us could take pictures.

I did however take a few once we got up to the dirt road.

We found a campsite with lots of trees and set up camp,  which took longer than I had imagined.  After visiting the river we ate hot dogs and soon after it started to rain so we started putting every thing away that we could. The wind picked up so we felt that it would be best to retract the awning up. Which sadly meant that our outdoor carpet got wet the first night. All in all our launch day went pretty smoothly.


2 thoughts on “Day 1, launch day

  1. Jodi Floyd says:

    So exciting to see all your efforts of the last several months come to fruition! I can’t believe you are OFF! Thanks for keeping us updated on your adventure. Sure love you guys!


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