2 houses and the avoidance

Our house is under contract,  the inspection has been done and we are waiting for the appraisal.  It’s felt like a long few weeks since we have emptied our house.  Wit the trailer and the house it us like we have two houses,  each only functioning halfway.  While the trailer has all of the furniture, decor and clothing our house has the washer and dryer, and a limitless supply of water and toilets connected to the sewer line.  It’s also where we are currently cooking, eating and bathing. We are a little disheveled going between house and trailer for daily living items.  As I told you in my last post my husband has felt like it’s time to actually live in the trailer,  meaning cooking in it,  showering in it etc.  We kind of lost sight of that when the water smelt like rotten eggs and we have been cleaning out the system. 

Then a few days later we stopped sleeping in it when the baby kept me up all night.  I am trying to get him to go to sleep on his own (instead of nursing to go to sleep) and he is still pretty adamant about getting his way.  So I decided if we slept in the house we could have the fans on and close his door and our door so I could get to sleep.  I really want him to have the skill of going to sleep on his own before we hit the road. My husband said this looked like I was avoiding our upcoming adventure. Don’t worry that didn’t make me mad or anything (insert sarcastic tone). πŸ˜‰

I assured him that was not the case and that I just wanted some good rest and to train our baby to go to sleep on his own. Fast forward a week later,  we are outside and Carl was putting stabilizer bars on the trailer when I get this feeling “it’s time to live in the trailer”.  My immediate thought “oh,  no thank you.  I’m comfortable here with my washer and dryer,  flushing toilets connected to sewer, large kitchen space and my bathtub. ” My next thought “OH!! I am avoiding it!” and my next thought “Darn. He was right! I hate it when he’s right.” 

I told him I felt like we need to live in the trailer. He was kind but had a little bit of this “duh that’s what I’ve been saying” attitude.  πŸ˜ He was glad I was finally on board. That was on Saturday.  It’s now Tuesday.  We still haven’t slept in or lived in the trailer yet.  I’m realizing I have some more organization to do before I will be too thrilled about cooking in there. A good thing to know before we hit the road. I imagine moving into the trailer before we officially sign papers we will learn a lot of good things to know before we hit the road.  I guess I’m just nervous to find out what they are. Once again an avoidance thing. 

But we will be moving in today!  After all I just admitted to you all that I am running away, I can’t back down now! ! 😁 What’s my motto on here?  “Just keep moving” Well, I guess I’d better do it!!

Less is definitely more in this case.  I can hardly wait until it’s just my 300 ish square feet to take care of.  


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