Packing the medical supplies

Here in Utah, emergency preparedness is a pretty big deal. Most people have food storage and many have enough to last them a year. It’s a pretty good idea, a huge security belt and better than money in the bank! I have gone through waves with food storage but one thing I have always been adament about having and staying stocked up on is my son’s medical supplies.

My stash of cone enemas. It has taken years to build this stash

My stash of catheters. Again it has taken years to accumulate this stash

It would just take one major earthquake to stop the semis from being able to deliver foods and my son would have no cone enemas, catheters, gloves, chux pads, or laxatives. So I’ve slowly saved up when I could. But now I finally have this massive stack built up and we will be living in a tiny tiny trailer! Fear not though! We have been able to pack all of the cone enemas and most of the catheters! We learned that one cone enema box would actually hold 3 cone enemas. 

One cone enema box packed from the factory

A cone enema packed trailer living style!

We also learned space under the fold out couches was perfect space for diapers.

 Amazingly we packed 10 boxes of diapers in that trailer!!

Some are visible, like these but the important thing is we got them to fit!! We will just use these first!!

Seriously there are diapers, gloves, cone enemas and catheters in every nook and cranny. Including under the dinnette. 

A nook above our fridge. We will hang a curtain here

Catheters underneath a jack knife sofa and on top of a pull out bed that the baby doesnt use yet

My husband is an amazing packer!! He’s been incredibly patient with me bringing him more and more stuff from the house for him to pack and he’s been kind enough to admit that he packs well for the things you don’t get into much but not the things you use everyday. So he has let me do the organizing. We’ve been a good team. 

Medical supplies in the master bath

So there you have it!! We are set for life!! Or maybe just a year but hey that’s more than most can say. I’m so grateful to the Lord for prompting me to stay stocked up on medical supplies. It will be a huge help on our journey!! 

What’s your unique situation while living full time in a trailer that you have had to find a creative solution for? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!!


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