Our full-time trailer

I figured it was about time to show you the trailer we decided to go with it is a 2016 Crossroads Rezerve 36DB I took pictures several weeks ago when we first bought it to show you it empty. Here they are…

I love the colors inside and since I homeschool (soon to roadschool) I loved all of the space for books!! 

I like the backsplash. It’s just wallpaper but it adds some variety.

This couch folds out and the dinnette can be made up into a bed. This trailer sleeps 12.

Sneak peek towards the kids’ bunkroom!!

Mine and Carl’s bed. Don’t worry I got new bedding. 

More wardrobe space in the master bedroom. This is a slideout. 

The master Bath

The kids’ bathroom. I love this because my son needs alot of medical supplies in the bathroom and he needs a place to have diapers and wipes handy. A big selling point for me. But coming up is THE selling point for me…

The bunkroom!! Not only is there a ton of storage space but there are also two slide outs which makes for plenty of floor space to play. The kids picked out beds right away and there has not been a fight about it since! Miracle number 1!! 

The left side has a bunk, a Jack knife sofa and a trundle bed which will be perfect for baby when he is ready to ditch the playpen. 

The right side has a bunkbed and a couch with a fold out bed. Each kid has their own cupboard for their clothes. They correspond with their bed. Their choice. 

There you have it. A tour of our new home on wheels!!


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