The naysayers

For weeks we have been getting ready to hit the road and go full time in our fifth wheel trailer. We knew about and thought about this idea for about a month before we decided to get ready and to go forward with it. I guess that’s just how we roll. šŸ˜œ(Pun intended.) For that first month we didn’t tell anybody about our plans or thoughts. We knew what we were doing is best for our family but we hadn’t quite dug our heels into this idea yet. We wanted time for that seed to germinate before people started to stomp on it. After a while of contemplating the idea we decided to roll with it! Even still we were a little apprehensive and decided to continue to keep this decision quiet.

After all I had my own worries and insecurities to sort through. I had more questions than answers. To say I didn’t have all the answers would be grossly understated. I didn’t need the 1,001 questionnaire from every friend, family member and neighbor. Slowly as we felt more confident in our decision we started to tell other people about it. I was actually surprised by how many people would exclaim “I’m jealous!!!” I was skeptical of those who said that cause I wondered how much they had really thought of what we are doing. We are selling EVERYTHING, we won’t have a home to go home to. All that we own will be in 200 sq feet and you’re jealous? Usually of course they are thinking of it as an extended vacation rather than the fact that we are going to live like that. 

I will be the first to admit that there are major benefits and perks but someone’s first reaction usually isn’t turned to the quality family time. Although my husband has ran into a few people that have been thrilled for him and this experience and they have brought up the family bonding time benefit of this lifestyle.

Then there are those who think you are absolutely nuts. That you’ve lost your marbles. That you’re going out on a limb that is unsafe. They ask all the real- life practical questions. Questioning your every move and sometimes trying to talk you out of it. I admit I would be more likely to be in this category. If it were mu daughter, sister, friend, neighbor etc. I would want to make sure she was doing the right thing and not acting irrationally. These are the people I understand. “Why change a thing? You have a great house, your husband has a great job, your kids are happy with their friends” etc. So I give them their “freak-out-space”. I had mine. It seems only fair I give them theirs. 

So between the naysayers and the you’re-so-lucky- I’m- jealous-people, find your happy place and hold to it. Dig in those heels. Chase those dreams. You’re gonna do great and they are gonna be inspired. They may think you’re crazy, they may think you’re lucky but you know you’re crazy lucky to have the discipline and the drive to move forward even when the future seems uncertain. Let the naysayers be, love them in their fear and skepticism. Let those who see you as “lucky” be as well and love them in their fear too cause if they were truly 100% jealous they would find a way to make it work for them too and you would see them on the road.

Each journey traveled has it’s pros and cons. The good, the bad and the ugly. If this is your chosen path then blaze the trail and remember to just keep moving!! 

I thought this saying was perfect for our full-time traveling journey.


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