No longer bound

As we have been getting ready to hit the road on our one year traveling journey in our trailer, you can read about that change here, we have had to do a lot of dejunking and selling. It’s amazing what you collect over the years! When I first thought about getting rid of everything but what would fit in our trailer I felt sad and like I would be missing Out on a lot. It turns out when you are trading stuff fo memories with your family your stuff suddenly becomes less important. Each item I sell gives me more Money for fun on the road and with each item that leaves my house I breathe a breath of fresh air!

I didn’t realize how much my stuff was bogging me down! How much I felt the weight of each unused, or broken item on my never ending to do list. The hardest thing to say goodbye to was our Golden Retriever, Millie. Lots of tears were shed over that goodbye. We plan on doing alot of touring that she wouldn’t be Able to tag along with and we didn’t want her stuck in her kennel. 

Her new owner promised us that she would send pictures and if we get back in a year or two and want her back then we can have her back. Until then she has 6 acres to roam and several other dogs to play with! The perfect scenario!

Back to purging items from my home. We have sold the majority of our furniture, given away 90% of our children’s books and 10% of our homeschooling books and probably 70% of our toys. We have given away ten 13 gallon garbage bags of clothes. I had no idea we had so many clothes! 

I now have Less toys to pick up, less laundry to wash and less clutter in General. This has helped immensely with selling the house but I’m most pleased with how free I feel after having less stuff. Less really is more! I never knew I was in bondage to my stuff! 

A tiny, tiny, tiny sampling of things we have gotten rid of, plus our goodbye picture with our sweet Millie. 


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