From house to trailer

It’s crazy how life unravels. Each bit of a story being told one line at a time. Each piece being told moment by moment. So I guess it makes sense that we came across our new way of living that way. Slowly it unraveled a bit at a time, piece by piece, moment by moment. It started with a dream to homeschool our kids on the road. Then months later a feeling we needed to sell our home and complete dissatisfaction at what was on the market yet with an unrelenting burning feeling it was time to sell. So we prepared, we fixed, we moaned, we still hated what was on the market. 

Over time we saw images in our heads of u living in a camp trailer. We pushed them out. They kept coming. We thought about trailer steading, things weren’t lining up or feeling right. We continued to look, things continued to be a headache. We focused on the house again. Eventually we knew what the answer was that we would be traveling the country. It’s hard to explain how that came except to say it just clicked. On the same day both my husband and I just knew. We were going to be roadschooling.

So the house is repaired, repainted, and now up for sale, items from our home are being sold, the pets are rehomed, and the trailer is bought! Now to sell our “extra”cars since we will only be needing one and to finish packing this trailer and planning a route!


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